Friday, May 23, 2008

WDW Day 8 Magic Kingdom


So far Halley has gone on anything she was tall enough for. Wouldn't you know that the Haunted Mansion would be her undoing. We put the hunting headphones on but as soon as she stepped through the turnstiles she would have nothing to do with it. I tried to get her to close her eyes but the tears continued to flow. Spencer was so cute and did not like seeing her upset so he offered to sit out with her. That kid has a heart of gold.


When eating at the Crystal Palace you get to see characters from the Hundred Acre Woods. Every 30 minutes or so there is a parade with characters and kids. Tigger grabbed Halley's hand and they skipped through the restaurant. I loved witnessing those Magical Moments.


Evan giving Pooh a "Kiss". Evan was a character magnet.


I was not sure how the whole Pin Trading was going to go over with my kids. Each pin can be from $8 to $20. The idea is you wear your lanyard full of pins and when you see someone else with the same you can trade pins. I found pins online in February for $2 a pin so I bought enough for each kid to have 7 or 8. From February until we left I gave out pins when I saw a child come home with great homework, or acted unselfishly at home. It worked better than I could have hoped. My kids had so much fun trading pins with the Cast Members. They had way cooler pins than my kids started out with.

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Ashley Smith said...

What a blast Jacque, I wish I could go! Love, Ashley

Anonymous said...

We had fun on the cruise, but Magic kingdom was a great day also. I hope we can go back for a few more days sometime.

Good idea about the mom!! I loved insentives!!

Sunni said...

Sierra and tyler say Halley looks beautiful in her dress. And Sierra says she looks cute too. :)