Thursday, May 15, 2008

WDW Day 5 evening

One of the highlights for me on this trip was being on the dining plan. On previos trips we ate as cheaply as possible, which is fine, but the dining plan worked for me. No longer was I reading the menu right to left. I ordered what I wanted and did not worry about it. On this night we ate in Germany. It was themed as a traditional Biergarten with authentic German food, something I grew to love on my Europe trip. The kids had a blast dancing to the oopah band. There is Halley behind the red parasol she purchased with her Disney Dollars in France. So much fun!

Shane took the opportunity to scuba dive in the largest aquarium in the world. (Well second largest now that the one in Atlanta opened up last month) It is located in Epcot in a pavilion called Living Seas. He had the time of his life and if you visit I am sure he will show you the DVD.

Here is the money shot. If you have ever tried to take a picture of fireworks you know how hard it can be. Before my trip I read several blogs on how to take good pictures. I really wanted to improve my skills. For the Epcot nighttime show Illuminations I staked out my spot 1 1/2 hours before so I could have the best conditions. Wouldn't you know pushy people kept encroaching on me. I finally said something. Just because you are at the happiest place on earth does not mean you can ignore bad behavior! I got out my tripod and took picture after picture trying for a good one. Yay! I got one.

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This one was another cool shot I took. I love the lights in the waterfall, the reflection in the water and the monorail buzzing by up above.


Trina said...

Your fireworks pictures are AWESOME!

Sunni said...

Fireworks picture is great! Halley had fun showing her umbrella at preschool.