Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Seedlings turn overnight to Sunflowers...Blossoming even as we gaze"

This is sister. We stopped at the Portland temple as we headed to Ricks College to drop me off for my first year. Yep, she was just a pip squeak.
Here is a pic of the Bringhurst family reunion 2003. She is on the far right.

Here is her very adventurous self when she went to Australia/New Zealand last Fall.

Here she is at the New Zealand temple. Ready to proceed with her next, new adventure...serving a full time mission. Tonight we all got to listen by phone as she read the call that for 18 months she will be serving in the Peru Arequipa Mission. She reports to the Missionary Training Center June 30th. What a blessing she will be to those living in Peru. We are so proud of you Jessica.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trio Voronezh

I received free tickets for this group from Doris Sjolund so I took the two oldest who were interested, Lindsay and Spencer. We had very low expectations and thought we might leave halfway through. How wrong we were. This group was so engaging the entire hour and a half. Lindsay is 8 now and she loved every bit. They even begged for me to buy the C.D afterwords. Umm, a 14 and 8 year old wanting a classical c.d. I can part with that $15 pretty easily. If you haven't checking into the Jackson County Community Concerts, you really should. You pay ahead for 5 concerts that are each so diverse. You can either pay $75 per adult or $175 for a family price which can get in two adults and up to 4 children. What a bargain! And to sweeten the deal if you sign up soon, you get their last concert from this season for free. It is the Hunt Family Fiddlers and I hear they are amazing. That's 6 concerts. Holy Cow!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6th graders in my back seat

Jaci: Hannah, you know a lot of scientific names...what's the scientific name for... (looking around until restaurant is spyed) "Black Bear"?
Hannah: Oh I know it's...
Me interrupting: What's the scientific name for "You're a goober"?

Jaci: Crazy, I was crazy so they locked me in a circle room. That really bugs me. Bugs, I hate bugs they drive me crazy. Crazy, I was crazy so they locked me in a circle room. That really bugs me. Bugs.... see where I'm going with this????