Friday, May 2, 2008

Get to work!

Jessica was willing to give me hand at mowing the lawn. A true lady isn't afraid to do yard work in a skirt.

Alice has had a great time with Jessica and Cami this last week. They babysat the other night while Justin and I went on a date, which included Pac Meeting with the Cub Scouts, among other things. Jessica, Justin and Cami came home from DC the other day. Justin calls out, "I'm home!" and Alice and Laura come running to the kitchen as fast as their little legs to carry them. Justin holds his arms out to catch a little girl, but Alice runs to Jessica for hugs and Laura runs to Cami for a big hug. The girls have loved having Aunt Jessica and Cami here, as have we. Thanks guys!

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Jacque said...

How fun! Don't you love company. It is the one bright and shiny part of living away from family. I love to have people come and stay in my home. You get such quality time.