Monday, February 22, 2010

Operation Living Room

Okay, most likely you have heard of my current project. I have not been happy with the warmth and feel to my house. Very Plain Jane. Not that I have a problem with her. She is a loyal friend..always there when you need her. I am just ready for some new friendships. I enlisted the help of my dear friend Tina who has lots and lots of friendships...pretty sure Plain Jane isn't one of them.
She has come over at different stages to lend some advise and tweak the ideas. *Note this is just the beginning. A small, part of the new feel to the room. I have been in love ever since. Drum roll please .........

Sienna is the paint color and I am in love! We painted the whole wall and then Tina decided that a two toned look be better with a chair rail, and she was right. We couldn't stop there and Shane and his Dad put up crown and base molding. What a difference it has made. We already had the base moulding as we meant to put it in 4 years ago, but you know how that can go. We found the other wood mouldings at bargain builders and spent $60 for all of it.
Stay tuned as we introduce drapes, shelves, and some very special friends. I won't give it away.
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The Creation

Halley and McKenna Pedersen came into the kitchen with rumblies in their tumblies so they asked if they could make a creation.. A what? "A creation!" "It is where we go through the kitchen and make a secret recipe from lots of ingredients" Yikes. But because I'm the cool Mom that I am (which equals putting several restrictions on this project) they went forth and how pleasantly surprised I was to see a fruit salad come out of their creative little minds. Score one for the six year olds! Ta dah!
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Operation Organization

Remember this..uugh. I hate even posting it again. When Breanna begged for her own room I hesitated because it would put my two of my messiest together. Hence this...
And this... In January I decided to put my hard earned delivery $$ to good use and purchased a few things to help my girls out... No, not a maid...I don't make that much in deliveries.
A few shelves and cubbies for them to keep their treasures.
And hooks to hold their possessions. $$ well least until next week when it looks like a pig sty again.
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