Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WDW Day 5 morning-afternoon


Once again I have to break the day into two segments because so much happened. Here is Halley waiting for our bus to arrive. One luxury of staying at a WDW resort is free transportation. Buses come by every few minutes from each park to take you to or from.


Here is my 'poser' in France. If you are not familiar with Epcot it is broken up into two sections. The front section is Future World and the back section is the World Showcase. The World Showcase is broken up into eleven countries France being one of them. Here in France we enjoyed some amazing pastries and a wonderful film of French scenery with French composed music in the background. I love this film!


Here the kids are participating in a program outside of The American Adventure. They each got their own copy of the Declaration of Independence and were part of a march for liberty with some Minute Men. Very Cool. Afterwhich we went into the rotundra where the Voices of Liberty sing. There are 8 men and women dressed in traditional colonial wears. They sang beautiful patriotic melodies and folk songs. At the end they sang our National Anthem dedicated to our soldiers. I was moved beyond speech being in that patriotic setting and hearing that most tender song. A true unheralded treasure.


Each country has a Kidcot (Epcot) station where they get to decorate a mask and add little trinkets significant to the country. My kids loved doing this and it helped distract when they may have been bored. This picture is outside of Italy. France...America...Italy all in one day. No wonder why I shed a few pounds!

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