Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day One at Walt Disney World

Posing in the lobby of our hotel Port Orleans Riverside. If you are staying on site I cannot recommend this hotel enough. It had a southern Louisiana feel with Magnolia trees everywhere and banjo/bayou music playing. There was a river that ran right through the middle which was so beautiful, especially taking a boat ride at night. I loved this resort!

I must explain this picture that I am so proud of. Several months before our trip I stumbled upon a podcast called WDW Today. 3 days a week these 4 guys who are disney experts spend 20 minutes talking about a particular topic. I was hooked. They gave me a lot of valuable information. Anyway, I have seen a few pictures of them but not many. We were in our lobby and in walks Matt Hotchberg the moderator of the podcast. Using my "gift" of recognizing faces I knew instantly it was him. Shane said no way and bet me five bucks. I walked right up to him and sure enough it was! He was shocked I recognized him especially since he was not wering a WDW Today t-shirt. What can I say...It's a gift. What a fun way to start my trip!

We headed to Epcot for our first day. This is in front of The Living Seas w/Nemo and friends. I love Epcot!
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Sunni said...

You are so good at recognizing faces. I am not, I have no idea who you are with even when you explained it.
Evan looks so big in your first photo. Wow!