Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday L.J.


My goodness I can hardly believe that you are seven years old. You have been a bright spark in our family. Here are seven reasons why I love you.
1)Your smile is so contagious
2)You love your family so much. That must be why Halley calls you "Smoocher"
3)You make a friend wherever you go: airplane, the park, waiting in line for WDW
4)You are a night owl like your mommy. I will always have a movie buddy.
5)You have become such a good student
6)You are such a good eater. You hardly ever complain about what mommy cooks for you.
7)You try to choose the right. I know you love your Heavenly Father.

I am so glad you are in our family! We love our little Lindsay Jeanne.
xoxoxo Mommy

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Jill said...

Linsday - Happy Birthday! Your trip looks like so much fun - thanks for the details and photos. Keep 'em coming! I also love the "Ode to Lindsay" - hope her birthday was great.

Oh, and thanks for the cooking kudos...I'll cook for you any time!