Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Fav's


I had to share a few favorite pics that make me smile. If you arrive at the Magic Kingdom for opening you get to see Pixie Dust fly. My girls got so excited they dropped to the ground to save it while throngs of people try not to run over them. I stille have some Pixie Dust on my dresser to remember their childlike glee.


There was a time when my kids rode Big Thunder Mt. over and over because the line was so short and I wandered off to take a few pics. How cute is that frog.


We were at Epcot during the Spring and garden fair and I was able to capture that cute butterfly


I promised in an earlier blog to post Evans reaction to Sorceror Mickey. To this day he loves "Kkkk!" Mickey Mouse.

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Rah-amen said...

I just got a chance to look at all your WDW pics. SO FUN!! I can't believe all the cool things you got to see and do. The kids' faces are priceless.. it's fun to see them have so much fun together.
Next time, if you ever feel you need an extra hand, I could probably pencil it in, rearrange my shhhhedule to help a sista' out.
Thanks for sharing!