Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tag Along

Justin took Alice to work with him today for "take your daughter to work" day. Who knows what kind of impression this will have on her. She may grow up to work for the Department of Defense herself. While Alice is attending top secret meetings at the Pentagon, Laura can enjoy the day with full access to all the toys in the house. Like true Bringhurst fashion, she chose the laundry basket.

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Rah-amen said...

What cutie-patooties you have! Ican't believe no one has posted anything about them yet?! Outrage! ;o)
So thanks for letting us be at your house... and eat all your food... and all your candy stashes... and for sharing your toothbrushes (I can't believe I left it at Jeff's... oops, clumsy me) See you tomorrow... which is probably already today!