Thursday, July 24, 2008

"When pioneer's move to the west..."


My kids have always loved Pioneer Day even though we have never lived in Utah where it is a state holiday. Here is a picture of my kids recreating their own pioneer experience in our unlandscaped backyard 2 years ago. Spencer is driving the team; Lindsay and Halley are hidin' out in the wagon, Brea is...I don't have a clue.


I think it was about 98 degrees that day.


Evan eatin' a Dum Dum at this years celebration. He was unimpressed. He is sportin' a vest that was my brother's about 33ish years ago.


My cute little pioneers. Lindsay and Halley are wearing dresses that were my sister's about 18 years ago.

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Kay said...

I'd walk with those little Schmidt pioneers to the West!! Too cute!

Will said...

I think Brea is about to puke . . . something about Spencer's driving!

Jill said...

Love those photos! You have THE cutest kids...

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there.
I love little house on the prairie days.

Aunt Storie

Ashley Smith said...

that is too cute! Evan is getting so huge! can't wait to see ya soon!
hannah banana