Monday, July 28, 2008

What in the What What???

I don't know what America was thinking when this guy got voted off. I know that the competition is starting to get stiff but Mark? getting to stay....even he was amazed. I don't know a lot about dance but Will was beautiful to watch. Fast forward the video to 1:12 to the beginning of the Pas de deux. Enjoy!


Kay said...

I TOTALLY agree! I guess maybe I should vote then. This guy is soooo much better than Mark.

Eames said...

Aaah! You just gave away the secret. In our Tivo world there are still 14 dancers left.

Jacque said...

Sorry! Next time I will post a warning that it is a spoiler...but dang girl you are only at 14? Get with it. I know you say you're busy, but some things demand taking the time for. Eating..sleeping..watching SYTYCD..all necessities of life.