Sunday, July 6, 2008

Faraway thoughts


Dear Mom,
My thoughts have been on the Johnson family this week as they lost their mother to a long battle with cancer. My thoughts then shift to you who lives so far away and who I long to see again. I am saddened thinking of Jennifer, Heather and Amber who no longer have their mother close to watch movies with or share childhood stories with or to call when no one else understands. I have such gratitude in the knowledge of The Plan of Salvation that our loving Heavenly Father has put into place in all of our lives. I know that I lived before I came to earth and that my existence is not by chance. He sent me here to be a wife and a mother and prove to Him that I love Him before all else and someday I can return to live with him. I miss you Mom but I am grateful that the Lord has seen fit to keep you on the earth so that I may still watch Enchanted April with you and can tomatoes with you and bake a berry pie with you. Just as the Johnson's did not expect to live their adult life without their mother I don't know how long I will have you for. Mom, I am blessed to have you and I miss you. I baked this three berry pie today from berries I picked with my boy yesterday. I baked it in honor of my love for you. I wish we could enjoy a slice on this beautiful Sabbath Day....


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Kristin said...

Well put! I am so greatful that I still have my mom around too. I love her dearly.

Rah-amen said...

Well, there goes my inheritance... thanks a lot Jac.
I love you too Mom!

Sunni said...

So sweet Jacque!
And you do make delicous pies, I bet your mom taught you that!