Friday, July 18, 2008



As I have been enjoying my baby boy and all the boy things he does like throw balls and drive cars. It caused me to reflect on how I am different from Shane. When we go for a walk I love to stop and smell flowers..he comments on the weeds that are growing around them. When we get ready to go somewhere I am matching shoes to my outfit and searching for just the right shade of lipstick...he is hoping to dress as casual as he can get away with. I don't know if some of my quirkines is just me or if it is relatable to all girls. I hate the smell of my kids after they have been playing outside. I hate ants, earwigs, spiders, etc. especially in my kitchen. Some name brand foods are worth it ie: Best Foods Mayo, Oreo cookie, Honey Maid Graham crackers to name a few. Telling me that I look "fine" is not a compliment. It doesn't matter how many times I have seen Dumbo, Rocky II, and Apollo 13 I cry every time!!! Is it just me or did every girl want to marry Gilbert Blythe? I don't care who calls it a chick flick, "Message in a Bottle" is not a flick for this chick! Okay girls, what do ya think?

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Trina said...

I'm too busy trying to keep up with him on walks to see any flowers. I only have one pair of "date" shoes, but he has "date" scrubs. The smell of kids after they play outside reminds me of a sad Oprah episode I saw. Bugs in the kitchen make my crazy in the head. Generic brands are fine with me (not him). Didn't like MIAB either. I don't cry at many movies. And it's not just you . . . even though Anne is one of my favorite heroines, I'd have scratched her eyes out in a heartbeat to get Gilbert.

Jill said...

I hate bugs. I cry when people win things on the radio - you can only imagine what a sad (or happy) movie does to me....genetics from my mom who I've made fun of for as long as I can remember. She once cried at a horse race.

Jason usually dresses down for dates, I usually dress up. I've always assumed that's because he has to "get dressed" every day for work while my "work" doesn't require anything more than pajamas unless I want it to.

I have no idea who Anne or Gilbert are...fill me in.

Jill said...

and I never saw "Message in a Bottle" - I hate sad endings in movies so those who know me well always warn me before hand so I don't waste my time or money on them.

Trina said...

Anne as in "of Green Gables."

But you're pulling my leg, right? Right?

Because if you're not, I have 6 hours of VHS to show you. (Just six. The third movie STINKS!) And 8 books to loan you.

(Now I'm pretending I'm not such a nerd.)

Jacque said...

Trina we are going to tie her down and force feed some Avonlea on her. And yes the third movie thumbs down..way down!

Jill said...

Never saw or read any of them....can we still be friends? I'll take your loaners and try to get through them, if the offer still stands.

Sunni said...

Anne of green Gables is the best!! Let me know when we can have a movie night and watch them. I t has been forever since I have sat on the edge of my seat waiting for Gilbert to kiss Anne. Those were the days!!!

I am a big cryer in movies, I love deep, emotional thinking movies. I am even fine with a sad ending. I have heard "P.S., I love you" was a great movie. But I won't watch it with Jill. :)

Yes, I love being a girl...woman. It is fun to share that in common with my daughter. We just had a fun makeup night this week. Complete with glitter.