Thursday, July 24, 2008

Must Haves

Summertime can have so much craziness with five kids and very little in my gas tank. I started thinking about my summer must haves that have made me happy.
1. Camera in my purse. I don't know how many years, and how many moments have passed. I love the security that "I can" if I want to.
2. Shane's scooter. A lot more fun than I thought and great bribery for the kids. Also I can send Shane on errands normally he would be annoyed by, but not with Lil' Red. Just have to make sure it will fit under his seat.
3. SYTYCD. Are you are a lover of Chelsey, Joshua, Will, Courtney, Comfort, Twitch, Mark, or what's her name that almost didn't make the show? Either way it is great entertainment that I look forward to each week.
4. My pool. Glory, Glory Halleluyia! I love that my kids play outside. After how many years of "It's too hot", "There's nothing to do", "I'm bored". Yippee!!
5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 30 minutes of heaven for me! Evan will sit captivated for the entire show and clap and be so pleased, and think that I am the best Mom in the world. How things will change.
6. Soon to be Olympics!! I am so excited for them to start. I am a complete couch potato and feel noooo guilt.
7. My Book of Mormon reading challenge. What a better person I have become and been able to be more disciplined. Thank you Jill.
There you have it! I am sur there are more but I have jam to finish. What are your summer must haves?


Kristin said...

Quilting, Baking, Sesame street, library time, and Seven Peaks...

Anonymous said...

Jac, I love the new homepage facelift! It is so you!

and I love this your exercise of gratitude.

You are inspiring.

Jill said...

Jealous of the pool...gotta work harder on those Braggs I guess.

I love the lack of a schedule during summer. Go to bed when tired, wake up when rested, eat when hungry...

My favorite part: fresh fruits and vegetables. I can't get enough of the Oregon berries and just pulled my first zucchini from the garden this week!!

Park play-dates, movies/concerts in the park, joining Jason on business trips to anywhere just because we can....I love it all and it's going WAY TOO FAST!!!

Jacque said...

Wish I had a Seven Peaks, wish I had more time to develop my quilting passion.

Jacque said...

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your kind words.
Love you!

Come over anytime to swim. And yes the fresh fruit and veggies are heaven. BLT's mmmmm.

Sunni said...

Summer is great isn't it! I used to say spring is my favorite but this summer I decided that summer is now my favorite!

I enjoy my boys home this summer.
I love warm summer nights!!
I love less loads of laundry cuz shorts take less space in the washer.
I love being tan again and laying in my pool!
I love fresh food and grilling.
Last but not least...
And I love summer chore lists for the kids, share the work is my motto! :)

Jacque said...

Amen to that sistah!!