Friday, October 24, 2008

Way to go Pop!

Well Papa went in for emergency open heart surgery today and came out like a champ. They thought it was a quadruple but turned out to be triple. They thought it could be a four hour surgery and turned out to be barely two. He was doing things by 4 p.m. that most patients don't do until the second day. Last night he came over unannounced to drop off some things and it just so happened that the Bishop came by at the same time. Bishop asked if he and Shane could give him a priesthood blessing and he agreed. I know that his recovery has gone so well because of this blessing.
When Pop came over last night he explained what was being done to my kids. It took a bit of explaining...but they started to understand. When they asked why it happened he explained that it could be from a variety of causes...heredity, diet, etc...Halley thought for a second and then said "It's probably from drinking all that coffee!!!" From the mouth of babes. This is the first story that is told to all nurses and relatives that come for a visit. She's a corker!
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Kay said...

She's great, that Halley Dona!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell that Glenn that we are so glad that it went so well and that I'm not surprised a bit that he was doing things by 4 p.m. He's a tough old egg to crack. that combined w/the blessing, it was sure to be a success. Love the Halley comment. How dull would your life be w/o her?