Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silly Pics

Here are a few silly pics from the trip. I know....I am in every one. How can you stand in a net of mackerel and just smile?
Yep I waited in line to pose with the Goof! His costume was sweet!
Just cozying up to the Beasts' fireplace. Up above was the jar with a rose. Every few seconds a petal would fall...I won't give away what happens.
Growing up I used to relate to the white rabbit.."I'm late, I'm late!" But since marrying Mr. Annoyingly On Time Man, I have been cured.
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Kay said...

What great pictures!!! You make a good fish face!!

Anonymous said...

haha I loved the picture of you as the fish! we miss you guys and hope ya'll are doing well.

Nate and Sarah said...

Funny story... We were at Disney World this summer and we saw Alice, The White Rabbit and one of the mad hatters. Alice in Wonderland is one of Kaylee's favorites, there was no line so we went up to get pictures and the whole deal but they took off saying they were late for some show. We thought it was all part of an act and they were just playing the character, but then they ran off and never came back.....

Very ironic.