Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Off the beatin' path

One of my very favorite pass times is to notice the unnoticeable. Disney is a master at that. It is so fun to look for what most perceive as atmosphere and gets lost in the blur. This picture is one you would find near the hub (place where all lands meet). Several pumpkins were around all with fun Disney cutouts.
This precious little guy is found also near the hub sitting on a little post. I loved the detail of the statue with the yellow in the background. I know, my photography skills (or lack of) are limited, but my goal is to keep improving. I refuse to be an adult that stops learning.
Anyone know where to find this??? I found this darling lamp on a table while in the queue for Tower of Terror. Most do not notice the existence. I loved the detail.
This one you probably recognize from the queue of Splash Mountain. I loved what it says. I think if Elder Worthlin saw it he would have included it in his conference talk.
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Kay said...

I love to laugh, hahahaha, loud and long a clear!!

You know, some people laugh through their noses...:)

Jordan said...

Its the year of the Disney for the Schmidts. Well looks like fun. Happy Anniversary kiddos!