Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's me....but not

You know how there are certain things that are the core of who you are. Take me for instance; I will always enjoy playing over work, I will always enjoy listening over talking, solving a problem will always include a lot of meditation, and Disney World will always be my favorite vacation spot (had to throw that one in). There are several things that I don't do well; confrontation, sharing my opinion, organizing anything, getting up early. Today I was put in a situation where I had to do a few of those things that I don't do well. I had to reach my boiling point (not that I was really boiling...I just could not, NOT say anything). I found it so difficult to do and I was tripping over my tongue the whole time but,...I did it. I was silently so proud of myself and had to laugh because no one in the room knew how painful that process was for me. I am grateful to the Lord for blessing me to be ...ME... I like that I am a good listener, and that I have my dad's calm nature, and that I am a peacemaker. I am also glad that He sees fit to put me in situations that are a bit, uncomfortable for me to prove to myself that I can be more than just ME.
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Anonymous said...

sweet. I love a good confrontation. I'm left wanting more info. Sincerely, Red.

Sunni said...

I love you for all of those things! You ARE a great listener, but I also love to hear your opinion too. I mostly love that you are always striving to be true to yourself. Good job for taking a stand even when you were uncomfortable.