Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Yesteryear

One advantage of going to Disneyland without kids was to go to the places that don't necessarily need a fast pass...if you know what I'm saying. As you enter Main Street on the right is the Opera House. It was the first thing built and then until 1960 was the saw mill where all the intricate woodwork throughout the park was produced. You might remember the Opera House because it is where you could see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Right now it is housing a historical display which I loved...and if I must confess, visited it twice. There is a funny movie playing where Steve Martin hosts with Donald Duck where great moments of Disneyland history are revealed. I guess my point of this post...if there must be one, is to reminisce with my sibs about my favorite ride gone by. I am speaking of none other than America Sings. It was located in Tomorrowland in the round theater that turns in a complete circle 1 mile an hour. If you never saw it or need to take a walk down memory lane go here. Sam the eagle was the narrator of this Bicentennial tribute and he took you through song across the years of our great country.

As I walked through the Opera House display room I was reminded of such characters as the Dapper Dan's who sang such favorites as "The Bowery", and "Where is my wandering boy tonight?"...if you heard them you'd remember (even you Jennie)

How about the 'gator's singin' Polly Wolly Doodle. Remember the random weasel that popped up saying "Pop goes the weasel tee hee"? Even though this favorite is gone it is fun to ride Splash Mountain and see these great old friends still thriving. We used to have the record where I would lay and turn the colorful pages listening to "Who shot that hole in my sombrero..who put that bullet through my hat..I can't figure, who pulled that trigger..You don't reckon my ol' wife could be back in town?"
One other favorite was Country Bear Jamboree which was removed to make room for Winnie the Pooh (cute ride for kids...and me!) I will never forget the nights my dad used to Lull me to sleep singing the song that made Big Al a favorite "There was blood on the saddle...blood all around...and a great, big, puddle of blood on the ground". If you have a trip planned take a minute or two...or thirty, and cool off while enjoying a tribute to the place that has earned the title of Happiest Place on Earth.
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Kay said...

I, too loved America Sings!

But my favorite part of the post is that your dad lulled you to sleep with a song about blood!!! LOL!