Monday, June 16, 2008


Mike Neville and I were working out in the orchard one Saturday after our soccer game. The advantage of being the family whose turn it was to pick up kids after the soccer game was that there was often an uptick in manpower for Saturday chores. Sure your friend can come over and "Play". Ask Scott Charles and Mike Rose about such indenturement. No wonder I had so few friends. The project was to reset the east fence of the orchard effectively changing the boundaries of the orchard. We had just finished digging a new post hole for the old post to get reinserted. After digging about the old post to the point where we could see that is should be set free we exerted ourselves to free the post from the old location. The job of getting that post out proved too difficult even with the combined strength of two 10 year olds boys. I don't know why but neither one of us wanted ask dad for help. It was an unspoken understanding. So we continued to dig and pull and dig and pull tell one of us broke down and said "dad, its to hard." Dad nonchalantly walked over and upped it out of there before we could spell 'job satisfaction'. The ease in which he accomplished this caused us pause and then Mike breathed, "but, not for Dad's".


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Papa John said...

I have really enjoyed reading all the "Dadisms". But there is one that you all forgot. I was reminded of it the other day when we were eating dinner together. Jeanne and I were doing some good natured josting about each other's table manners, when the pokes started to get a little personal and the "good natured" was no longer apparent. Jessica interrupted our discussion and said, "all right, I want both of you to go over to the corner and smile at each other for the next 30 minutes."
Does that bring back any memories?