Monday, June 16, 2008

Right click..Save

Being a mom is hard. So much of myself is wrapped up in my children I have a hard time remembering what it was like to just be me. A time when my biggest worries were what to wear, rather than what to wear that won't show my one year olds' snotty remnants on my shoulder. A time when I could leisurely shop for things I want rather than I better hurry up and grab a few outfits because my kids have almost devoured the slurpee and popcorn at Target. That window is oh so short. Last night I had one of those mothering moments that I wish I could right for the hard times ahead. I took on my friends challenge to read the Book of Mormon this summer before school starts. Part of me was like Jacque, get real, you can't even read the t.v. guide cover to cover let alone the Book of Mormon in 3 short months. The other part of me was try it...think of how accomplished you would feel if you did it. I felt like a cartoon with the little angel and devil on each shoulder. I decided to commit and I tried to read last night downstairs while the kids were watching a movie. Yaaa, a lot of inspiration going on there. I quietly went up to my room and began reading again. As I read the story again of how Lehi and his family left Jerusalem I was reminded of a video my dad showed me at Christmastime showing the path that Lehi and his family took into the wilderness. It showed evidence of how Lehi's trek followed the merchants trail almost exactly and where the land Bountiful most likely was located. I was fascinated as I was pouring into my scriptures when all of a sudden my 7 year old Lindsay walked in. I wanted to shoo her away but I let her climb on my bed. My twelve year old son came in and again I wanted to send them all to bed but I let him in. Next thing I knew Lindsay was quietly reading the Friend magazine and Spencer was snuggled up on my legs reading the Book of Mormon also. As hard as it is to see them grow, the times like these where you see the fruits of your labors make it bareable....almost

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Jill said...

Thanks for sharing that sweet story. I am so happy you are reading with me...we can do it!!! It's an amazing experience if you see it through. Hang in there!!!!