Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Time!!


My oldest, Spencer had his 6th grade promotion and will now be headed off to Jr. High. Yikes! The older he gets the older he makes me feel. It was fun to see him get the Pioneer Award for attending 7 years at ALE.


Halley had her own Graduation from preschool. For the past two years me and four other Mom's have each taken a rotated week of preschool in our homes. Halley has loved it and still asks if preschool is really over or if we are just pretending. She has one year at home before kindergarten so we will have to keep busy doing other things.


I enjoyed going to the last assembly of the year because the energy was electric. The principal promised the kids that if as a school the adverage score for Accelerated Reading stayed at 85% or better she would dress up as Elvis at the last assembly. Staying true to her word she walked in as Elvis as sang "You ain't nothin' but a houndog" very off key. It was hilarious and a fun reward for these hardworking kids. Lindsay walked away with her 150 point award for reading and the Presidential Award for Fitness. I have to brag because Lindsay was pulled out of class every day for a special reading group last year because her skills were under developed compared to others in her class. She shined this year and read enough books and scored high enough on her tests to reach 150 points. Not an easy task when your books are only worth .5 points when you score 100% on the test. Yeah L.J.

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Mickie and Matt said...

What the spencer in 7th grade? YEESH! He is getting so old! Oh and good job L J with the reading! Such a cute girl!

Jill said...

Lindsey, you rock! Congratulations on the AR points. That's awesome!!!

Kay said...

Love the pic of Spence and Lindsay Jean!!

Jacq they're growing up....soon you'll be an empty nester....;)