Monday, June 2, 2008

Together Time

When Alice and Laura play nice I like to capture the moment. Alice was giving Laura "pony rides" on her scrawny little back. The part they loved the most was falling down.


Jacque said...

How cute are those two getting. We have to document the times they get along otherwise we forget they even like each other. Cute Cute!
P.S. I hope my email didn't guilt you into blogging. Although I do so love to see the pics from my East Coast Fam.

Rah-amen said...

Good thing laura's still in dydees to give her tushy some extra cushioning on that 'scrawny little back'.
Cute girls! I miss them (and you) so much already. And how are Sara and Mary doing or is it Sarah IV and Mary VII by now?
Give them an extra hug from me today!
Love, Auntie Jess