Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Time to Be Still

I have always considered myself pretty laid back. I do like to get things accomplished but I don't have to be going all the time. I have found though with 5 kids, a lot of what I like to do gets pushed off to the side. Nothing earth shattering, but I have had 600-ish pictures in my camera waiting to be uploaded to my computer...blogs in my head that I have not published...magazines left get my drift.
I don't know what I have been waiting for, it just seems that I can't get it all done. If I had my husbands personality all things would be on a list and systematically crossed off when accomplished. Good in theory but not my style. I guess I needed something to come into my life to urge me to finish tasks that have long since been pushed aside and gathered cob webs.
Last Thursday I had my tonsils removed which I have pushed off for years but finally had taken care of. I have found now that rather than lay in bed and fear my next swallow I am distracting myself with small mindless tasks that needed my care. These are things that no one else will notice but me, but I have found that it is putting a smile on an otherwise pale face. I guess I should be grateful for this chance of renewal and a chance to look deeper. I'd say thank you but in reality my throat still really hurts...maybe in a week or two.
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Juliet said...

Good on ya...Called yesterday to see how it was going. According to Spence you aren't doing too bad. How 'bout a post tonsillectomy update.

Storie said...

Jac, I love this. You articulate so well! I can totally relate to what you are saying. hubby is systematic and crosses items off his list too. However, we bring each other balance. I am a bit concerned as of late because I am the one saying "Sean, where is your list." And then I start one for him!! LOL!!!
Hope you are feeling well.
love you,