Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Beckett and Evan

This picture still makes me laugh at my sister's neurosis. Juliet had just mopped the floor when someone spilled a can of bacon grease. She was fried (haha) and while she was cleaning up, G-rat walked right through it. She had W pick him up and carry to be washed in the sink....only to have him walk through it again. Mind you, there is a lot of kaos going on because of the upcoming baptism/birthday party. I come into the kitchen and walk through it as well. She didn't take to that kindly and picked me up and carried me to the sink while yelling for someone to take a picture and to come clean my feet. This picture is "G" rated the one I didn't post isn't. Pretty sure there were some obscenities being thrown around...won't tell you by whom...will I purple?
Is that the look of a happy birthday boy or what. Love you Bucket!
Evan was so thrilled to get a Cars coloring book, a Lightning McQueen and a Cars shoe box that it was wrapped in. A guy couldn't be happier.
And speaking of happy. Miyakawa cousins surprised us and showed up 30 minutes before the baptism. How we love our cousins!
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East Coast Jenny said...

Oh man, I hate missing out on all the fun stuff. Happy birthday little dudes.