Monday, September 21, 2009

Too close for comfort

Shane came home at lunchtime to take Spencer out for his birthday. Saturday was the day but he was still convalescing from strep throat and Shane didn't want to leave me as I had just had my tonsils removed. We noticed black smoke pouring from over the hilltop a little too close to where we live. Our first thought was to pray for the pear farm. This local pear farm provides our church with all the pears they need for their welfare system world wide. We live a short jog away and the fire was getting very close.

This house was doused in an effort to help save it.
It has sounded like WWII over my house. So many planes and helicopters trying to do all they can to stop the spread. Today was a day off of school due to budget cuts so my heart goes out to working parents whose children are at home alone. I hope they were all able to evacuate safely.
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East Coast Jenny said...


Juliet said...

Boy, I can relate to that. Not a good feeling. What is the update and how is the pear farm protecting itself? Isn't it picking season right now? How is this affecting all that? Did that home make it?

Storie said...

Good thing Unkie Sean was the "Operations Chief" for this fire!
He's such a keeper....