Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Bub

Wanted to let you know you are loved by many on this special day. One of my favorite memories is when I was really mad at him. He used to really frustrate me with his stubborn ways. Well on this occasion I punched him I was so mad. Realizing what I just did I took off running. I knew he couldn't beat the crap out of me if he couldn't catch me. I ran outside, across the lawn, over the rock driveway(barefoot), hopped the fence to the back pasture, ran all over the pasture(still barefoot), hopped the fence again, back to the lawn and collapsed. I was laying on my back and Justin was on top of me. Neither one of us could do anything we were huffing and puffing so hard. Finally we burst into laughter and stood up. After we finished laughing he shoved me and walked off. I realized I just had the luckiest day of my life because he could have (and would have), given me so much more.
I have always:
1. Loved your laugh
2. Loved the stories you tell of our childhood (Jaime Hudson demonstrating Juliet backing up into our car..classic)
3. Hated how photogenic you always were (never went through the awkward years)
4. Admired the Dad you have become
5. Been proud of your post high school grades
6. Been grateful you married Jenny

Happy Birthday Bubba! Wish you weren't so far away.

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Papa John said...

Well, here are a few memories:
Bubba was always one of my faithful hiking buddies.
Justin was the only "Aggie" out of the litter.
Calling Justin when he was at Ricks was impossible because he didn't leave the library until after 10:00 pm.
Full-ride scholarship to two Universities.
Tying him to the bed posts to make sure he took a nap.
How about this one? "Bread, bread bread, bread... drink, drink, drink, drink." By the way, that one never did make it into the hymnal.
Jan Holt claiming that his red hair came from our home teacher -- her husband.
Extraordinary soccer player.
The marriage proposal to Jenny.
Wasn't Justin the one with the really tasty diapers? The ones our duck couldn't resist?

Anonymous said...

August 5: A day for Justin.

Hope you're having a good one. We miss you out here in the sticks, though it's an absence that is made more bearable by the funny stories your wife shares regularly through e-mail.
Jacque's memory is about you (almost) wailing on her. I don't have any of those kind of memories (wonder why), though i do remember hurting you one time and bribing you not to tell mom and dad by letting you punch me in the stomach as hard as you could (this was when we bunked together across the breezeway in the dark hollow home). the only problem was, every time you'd wind up and get ready to knock the wind out of me, i'd lose my nerve and say, 'Wait, wait, just a minute, lemme get ready ... I can do this, I know I can do this.'
I'd steel myself again, you'd haul that little fist back, and then I'd wuss out again and say, "Hold on, hold on just a sec ...'
This went on for some time until we were both laughing hysterically. Don't remember whether you ever got to administer the whoopin, though I've no doubt you deserved to...
Good times. ; )
Love ya, Jus. Happy birthday. And hugs and kisses to the family ...
Your big lily-livered brother, Chris

Anonymous said...

Jordan had the delicious diapers. Funny how all our memories are about fighting and beating the crap out of each other. My memories aren't so good either. We butted heads all the way until his mission. I remember throwing a thick hard bound book at his head and then booking it to the bathroom to do a double-lock maneuver for safety. And that same day I remember praying, asking Heavenly Father why I had to have a brother like him. All that being said, he's made one hellofafather and husband and got dang lucky to have Jenny by his side. Happy Birthday you little loogie wipe...oh wait, that's Jordan too (again, thanks to Bubba) :)