Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Alice has said adios to her tonsils and adenoids this last week. She has been a steller patient and recovery has been fairly easy. Good bye to sleep apnea, snoring and small appetite...hopefully.

These pictures were taken at a park next to the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria. It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed walking around looking at boats. I love those easy outings that everyone can enjoy...they're usually free and family friendly. Next time we're bringing a picknick lunch, for sure. I hope everyone enjoys that last few days and weeks of summer before school starts. We're living up the lazy life before the rigors of kindergarten start in. (Because we all know how rough kindergarten can be, right;) )


Jacque said...

Wow! She looks well rested already. I need to have my tonsils removed...maybe she will hold my hand.

East Coast Jenny said...

Alice says that she loves you and good luck with your tonsils. She recommends bringing your favorite teddy bear, that's what helped her feel better.