Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watson Falls

After having fun in Riverbank we headed home with my brother Justin shortly behind us. He works for the Pentagon and lives in Virginia and was in Southern Cali for some yearly meetings. I'd give you more details but I'd have to kill you....aka I really can't explain it because I am not that smart.
We knew that he'd be game for a good ol' Southern Oregon drive through real mountains. We decided to head to Watson Falls west of Diamond Lake. Splash!!! Brea meant to clean off her shoes and slipped back in the water.

Although a not-so-flattering pic of me it is reminiscent of one taken long ago when I was a kid. I had just thrown up after eating way too many blackberries and Dad pulled over to let Mom clean up and take a scenic shot...good ol' dad.

Here is the Falls!! after a short hike that made me realize I need to get in better shape....Princess half marathon in Walt Disney World here I come.........maybe.

Justin and Shane hiked down to feel the thunder. They said it felt somewhat suffocating because of the pounding. They washed their stank in Watson Falls. I stayed behind for documentation purposes only....and to guard my Dr. Pepper from my thieving children.
A girl after her mother's heart she was first to jump in the water. Yeah baby!!

Sat down by accident but it turned out to be more fun than we anticipated.

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Jill said...

REALLY? I was just talking about the WDW Half Marathon THIS MORNING. I need a race to work towards. Are you in???

Great posts - you've had a fun summer!