Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shasta Lake for the day

We borrowed Uncle Sean's boat for the day and ran off to the lake. We invited Kellin Pedersen because, let's face it, he is over so much we couldn't leave him behind. L.J. had to show the boys how it is done. She stayed on so long they started chucking grapes at her to get her to fall off...no such luck boys....she's got skills!
One of Shane's favorite things to do at the Lake was to ride behind the boat drinkin' a soda...thanks to braces L.J. had to settle for water.

Yes!!! The Wonder Woman lives on.

Cool looking dive Spence-man. Too bad it hurt like a mother when you landed.

Nice flip K.P.

author's note: so sorry you're sweet jumps didn't make the cut Halley. They had me in them and I was not about to post my white legs over the world wide web.

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