Saturday, June 27, 2009

Must Do's Part One

When you are a regular to the "world", there are a few things that you must check off your list, otherwise... you can't feel good about going home. Pirates of the Caribbean is a definite "Must-do". Even though it has changed from when we knew it as kids it is still swashbucklin' good fun. The Disneyland version is better but the queue for WDW is cooler as in temperature and themed a bit better. I dare you to leave the ride w/o humming "Yo Ho Yo Ho A pirates life for me"!
Yes my faint hearted friend this is a must-do...even for this lily livered mother. The queue is amazingly entertaining (those Imagineers had fun with this one!) The story is so clever and he ride is exhilarating...if you can make it through w/o having a panic attack. I am deathly...I repeat DEATHLY afraid of heights. When we were in Europe I repeatedly had panic attacks when we had to climb in the bell towers of old churches, and up onto Fortresses. I have no idea where this fear originated but it is very real to me....BUT, I could ride this ride over and over. Each time it is different because it is ran by a computer and you never know if you will go up or down, or how many times it will bring you up only to drop you again. I heart this ride!
Toy Story Mania. Never knew what the hype was all about but Shane and I gave it a try last Fall at California Adventure park in California. We ran onto this ride after our first time. We were addicted to it and the only thing that had us walk away on to a different ride was that our arms were so sore from pulling the rope trying to beat each others score. Yes I did beat Shane...once. That is all I needed to keep him humble and not claim that he is "Undefeatable!" Here we are in line as Mr. Potato head tells jokes. Yes I beat Spencer 2 outta 3. Probably won't happen again.
Must-do's most definitely include food. This magical elixir is known as a Dole Whip. You can find this sweet concoction in Adventureland at a hut called Aloha Isle. They sell it in three flavors but there might as well only be one...Pineapple. Ask anyone and they will agree it is a mighty refreshing way to cool down on a hot day,...or night as this case may be. MMMmmm good! Stay tuned for the next installment of WDW Must-do's. For me it is all a must do but I am trying to limit myself. Not. Easy.
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