Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scopa Towers

Researching where we were going to call home on our visit to the world was pretty easy. We knew we had to get two rooms with the size of our family so it had to be a value resort. Let me back up...when we go to Disney World we stay in one of their resorts for a number of reasons 1. Usage of Extra Magic Hours 2. Usage of bus transportation
3. Once you have done both it is hard to go off property again. With the value resorts you have a few choices: All Star Music, All Star Sports, All Star Movies, or Pop Century. We chose Pop (or if you listen to the podcast WDWToday it is affectionately known as Scopa Towers), because it is the newest and has the best concessions hands down of all the others. The idea of Pop Century is that there is the 50's the 60's the 70's the 80's and the 90's buildings. The older decades are still under construction. We requested the 80's for the obvious reasons that the 80's were awesome...but also because it was close to the buses and the pool was the less populated. We wanted a quieter area to nap the kids midday (a must when you tour the smart way).
The stairs are cleverly disguised by an icon of that era. This is one from the 50's. The pool for the 50's had a giant Jukebox and was the shape of a bowling pin.
Here is our way cool staircase. Halley and I had to go up and down it each day because it was so cool. A side note...I still can't solve those w/o pulling off the stickers. Anyway we were on the third floor again to get a quieter area for napping. What you can't see is the Pac-man on the sides of the 80's buildings with the power dots and ghosts as well. Way fun! Our pool was shaped like a computer and there were fun sayings everywhere like: "Gag me", "Fer sure", "Don't have a cow", and "Preppy". Shane and I also enjoyed the 80's music that would play around the pool like good ol' Huey Lewis and the Bengals.
Each day the "mousekeeping" would make cute little animals out of wash clothes and playfully lay out our stuffed animals that we had purchased. Of coarse we had to leave them a little extra something for their extra effort. But when you know these poor gals are from Haiti trying to provide for a family you can't help but share what you have been blessed with. The clean, cool room was soo inviting after a long hot day at the park. Thumbs up for Pop!
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