Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Travels to America

Well, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Petersburg, and we had nothing better to do, we decided to take a trip south so we could be there when Lindsay Schmidt was baptized.

To our surprise, there were many others who had the same idea. They had to hold the baptism in the chapel to accomodate all those who wanted to participate.
Along with the baptism, we attended impromptu piano recitals. Darren, Chris and Ken all contributed.

We also had a chance to watch world class softball. Justine protects home plate as she gets the put-out in her Babe Ruth softballl game.

Evan turned out to be a real animal lover, as he adopted each of Chris and Mary's many cats.

Here, the girls domonstrate both poise and balance, as they perform an amazing feat of ball ballet.

An appropriate amount of time was spent spoiling grandkids with toys and gifts and lots of food.

A lavish amount of time was dedicated to swimming in the Schmidt's new pool. Glen and Shane worked hard before our visit to get the deck ready for heavy use.

We found time to enjoy some serious beach time at Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. We caught jelly fish, lassoed kelp, and watched enormous waves devestate our beautiful sand castles.
Jenny and Naoki arranged for some serious horseback riding at a rodeo in Turlock, California. The horse Ken is riding competed in the calf roping in the rodeo.
Melanie found her a cowboy at the rodeo. She slid down next to this old cowpoke and started playing with his mustache and combing the hair on his arm. Luckily, he was good natured and enjoyed the attention from such a little sweetheart.

Ken took us bowling with some coupons he received for being an honor student. Here his little sister shows us how the real bowlers do it.


Ken and Hannah said...

What a crew of cuties! I love seeing all the cousins' kiddos. : )

Jacque said...

I am so proud of you LJ!!! Love, Brea!!!