Thursday, April 3, 2008

OK--I want to try and do this again on my own without Jacque acting as coach over my shoulder. Does this remind you of Jordan sitting on top of Shirley? This cat isn't quite as patient with Melanie's...ummm...lovin' as Shirley was, but despite several scratches on the face and hands, she still comes back for more.
I'm happy to learn that my recent outbreak of hives--a most detestable experience-- was not due to a sudden alergic reaction to a cat we'd had in the house for 3 months, but the reaction to my new calling at church--YW President!!! I tried to tell the bishop that the only cure according to the medical books is treatment with antihistomine and "the removal of the allergen". He didn't buy that I was allergic to the YW. In truth, it was the stress of this unexpected calling that came at the tail end of a viral infection--apparently a bad combination. I had them for 2 weeks and felt like Job.
I'm feeling much better about it (the calling, that is) but have found that now that the hives have finally cleared up, I have trouble sleeping at night--my brain won't stop ticking. A little Tylenol PM seems to help with that condition. I picked Ju's brain for 2 hours and found her ideas (stolen from her current YWP) to be very helpful--thanks.
Anywho, let's see if this works.


Jacque said...

...and I'll pet him, and hug him, and love him, and call him George.

East Coast Jenny said...

Congrats on the new calling. That's a challenging one because you never stop thinking about the girls. There's an emotional investment made in YW that you might not find in other callings. You'll be great!

Anonymous said...

You'll love it! I've enjoyed my 6+ years with the Laurels.

Rah-amen said...

I don't know if it's ov (wow... I need some sleep... that's definitely suppose to spell "of") any interest to you, but I'm really not that far removed from young woman-hood. I've experienced very different 'aspects' of this genre, which I feel like (however unfortunate) have given me a better idea of what's out there... and what these young women are going through. So if you ever want to mull ideas over, you can give me a call. But other than that, I know you'll do a great job. You have such a fun, loving personality... the girls will love and respect you.