Saturday, March 8, 2008

Narly Dude



Just thought I wouls share a few pics from last night's festivities. We had a ward 80's dance and we all got into it. I loved listening to all my favorite songs again and it totally felt like a Stake dance. Tina Pedersen did a great job with nastalgic decorations and everybody's outfits were so fun Halley was going for Cindy Lauper look. Lindsay is Miss Popular, Breanna is Valley Girl, and Spencer is Billy Idol. Leave it to Mom to come up with some fabulous outfits. When I was doing Lindsay's hair it all came back to me. The only thing I was missing was some Auqua Net. Shane wasn't sure about dressing up in the beging but got into it. Remember those "boat" shoes all the guys wore? I can't believe he still has them. Spencer won best dress up for a kid. You could tell he felt sweet! A girl came up to Shane and said Spencer has some great moves on the dance floor. What a stud. The only thing missing was the overwhelming smell of Polo in the air. What a fun night!

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