Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Today I had the pleasure of reminding myself why I loved teaching the Sunbeam class. I had three kids in my class and my lesson was on I am thankful for fish. I began the lesson by having them imagine we are at a park. We see a bridge way far away and start walking to it. As we get there we look over the edge to see a stream and do you know what we saw in that stream? Jeremiah: (very serious) "a crocodile?" No, fish. I begin to demonstrate what a fish looks like, complete with fins and fishy face. Kate: "That does not look like a fish". Cute. Our discussion turns to what else you find in the ocean besides fish. Ella: "Mermaids!" Later they discuss that sharks eat the poor fish. I explain that Heavenly Father's creations are here for us to eat. For example a hamburger. We all love hamburgers and where do they come from. Ella: McDonalds. "Close,... Cows". We later are coloring fishy pictures and Ella and Kate color theirs pink. They tell Jeremiah that he is silly to color his pink because he is a boy. I tell them that pink is like cotton candy MMMMmmm. Ella: "Yeah, pink is like totton tandy". The class was way too short and I enjoyed it so much


Lissa said...

Ella sure loved you too! And I really enjoyed the picture of the pink fish.

Kristin said...

You have a blog! I love upkeeping mine and reading them. It will be fun to add you to my list.

And scuba diving! Wow! I really don't think I could care all that weight on my back let alone spitting in my mask. I guess I just like breathign through my nose a little to much.

Jill said...

thanks for sharing - I love Sunbeam wisdom!