Thursday, March 6, 2008



While doing laundry today I thought a lot about the detergent Cheer. Huh? What the crap were they thinking. I can't find much "Cheer" in it. I have a word for a detergent. Neverending...Um...Mindnumbing...PilesandPilesandPiles...HowthecrapdidfoldedclothesthatIwashedyesterdaygetbackhere? There are a few words. Shane keeps wanting the kids to clean their rooms. Are you kidding? That just means it goes from floor in bedroom to floor in laundry room. I saw a new washing machine the other day that said it could wash 17 pairs of jeans. Holy Cow. I can't sabotage mine fast enough. I want to get it just to test it. I went through two weeks where someone new kept peeing their bed. I was so sick of washing bedlinens that I was about to coin a new meaning to waterbed. I know Mom...Waa! I just needed to print my insanity.

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