Friday, March 28, 2008

First time for everything...

"Uh... I'm singing! I'm posting a blog and I'm singing... I'm posting a blog and I'm SINGing!"

Dagumit, I don't have anything to say. I was just bored, you know... and I thought I'd try and figure this BLOG business out once and for all. And I did it. But now that it's done, I have... nothing. How 'bout an update? I'm 'bery busy with school--midterms were this week, and will creep a bit into the next. Work at Brick Oven's getting better-- I almost spilt a 14" pizza in front of my guests... but some how was able to balance it on my shoulder blade, while they grabbed it (and I still got a great tip). I got a number, which said something to the affect of, "Hi I'm Sonny, the built guy with a mohawk. You're cute. Give me a call @..." And I'm pretty sure that this high school aged bus-boy tried to ask me out for this weekend. Awkward... and I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

And that's 'bout it. I'm going home for the summer, working as a wilderness ranger. The coolest part about it is the 10-day kayaking stint we go out on where we'll monotor... aquatic wildlife of some-sort. It should be a REALLY great job. So.. Jeff's right, this is a little weird without children involved. Here's a cute little girl I GOOGLEd. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


Jacque said...

Dang Jess, you sure know how to score with all the hotties. At 21 to still charm the high schoolers. I guess you are a lot like Jennie. When she was 21 Naoki was still in high school ;)

Jacque said...

My favorite was the tribute to Elf in the beginning. My favorite opening to any blog I have read!

Anonymous said...

I guess I see that Aliya's lack of grace is a genetic thing! :)
She used to trip on a pea in the middle of an otherwise empty room!