Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm MonCheeChee!

Ahhh that iron trap of a brain you have needs a little oil. The monkey wisher was me....still is me. I figure I'm on a roll with that one, and one of these days I might just come to visit with a real monkey on my shoulder.

I had figured to check this baby once every few days, but it looks like we're rolling. I'll keep an eye on it a little better. I got some stuff I can throw in. Incidentally I don't know who this woman is, but if I was a Jane Austen heroine, I guess I'd be her. If any of you Austen readers get to read this one though, do me a favor and don't picture me in her place.

I am Catherine Morland!



Jacque said...

I knew you used to wish for a monkey but I thought Bubba started that whole thing. We'll have to wait for his response to clarify...Steel trap.. how dare you!!!

Jus said...

I was a the original monkey boy. The monchichi knock off was a consolation prize