Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Seedlings turn overnight to Sunflowers...Blossoming even as we gaze"

This is sister. We stopped at the Portland temple as we headed to Ricks College to drop me off for my first year. Yep, she was just a pip squeak.
Here is a pic of the Bringhurst family reunion 2003. She is on the far right.

Here is her very adventurous self when she went to Australia/New Zealand last Fall.

Here she is at the New Zealand temple. Ready to proceed with her next, new adventure...serving a full time mission. Tonight we all got to listen by phone as she read the call that for 18 months she will be serving in the Peru Arequipa Mission. She reports to the Missionary Training Center June 30th. What a blessing she will be to those living in Peru. We are so proud of you Jessica.


kelly said...

Yay! I'm proud to be related to Jessica.
Our favorite babysitter came here from Peru when she was 10, and she always loves to hear of a new missionary going to her country. She hopes someone will touch her family's hearts.

Ken and Hannah said...

Top picture=how cousin Hannah remembers Jessica. lol! Wow, time flies!

The Neilsen Family said...

Yay!! That's so exciting!!

Papa John said...

Well, Jessica; We are so proud of your dicission to go, and so pleased with your assignment. With Juliet having visited Peru and Jennie having served her mission in Argentina, this really ties you back to our clan.
Your departure date kind of conflicts with our family reunion. I hope you are able to come and see everyone before you leave.

KayLynn said...

That's great news Jessica. I surely hope we get to see you before you leave. I guess I didn't win the contest. Dang it!

Rah-amen said...

Ahhh... I'm getting all nostalgic! Thanks Jac, this is sweet. I'm grateful for all the people, like you, that were wonderful examples for me... helping me get to this point. I love you!