Thursday, April 22, 2010


Conversations with Hal:

Mom: "What's that Hal, I couldn't here you"

Halley: "Nothin' I was just speaking whale"

Mom: "Here's some chocolate from daddy's office"

Halley: "Can I eat it?"

Mom: "Nope, just look at it"

Halley: "What?, Why?"

Mom: "I'm kidding, go for it"

Halley:" totally got me"

Halley: "Mom, I love you"

Mom: "I love you too"

Halley: "I love you more room"

Mom: " Thanks"

Halley: " Is that the happy thanks, or the, you know, mad thanks?"


Mickie and Matt said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Love that little lady...

East Coast Jenny said...

I love the distinction of the "happy' and "mad" thanks. She's a cute little bug.

Jill said...


Rah-amen said...

BAHAHAHA! Oh Halley! I miss that girl already!