Friday, March 12, 2010

Trio Voronezh

I received free tickets for this group from Doris Sjolund so I took the two oldest who were interested, Lindsay and Spencer. We had very low expectations and thought we might leave halfway through. How wrong we were. This group was so engaging the entire hour and a half. Lindsay is 8 now and she loved every bit. They even begged for me to buy the C.D afterwords. Umm, a 14 and 8 year old wanting a classical c.d. I can part with that $15 pretty easily. If you haven't checking into the Jackson County Community Concerts, you really should. You pay ahead for 5 concerts that are each so diverse. You can either pay $75 per adult or $175 for a family price which can get in two adults and up to 4 children. What a bargain! And to sweeten the deal if you sign up soon, you get their last concert from this season for free. It is the Hunt Family Fiddlers and I hear they are amazing. That's 6 concerts. Holy Cow!

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Kay said...

All I could think about when watching these guys was...."Lisa actually played that thing? haha"

Looks like a fun concert!