Sunday, January 17, 2010

**Punch it Margaret!!!!

I have pondered this a lot. I read a while back about how someone used a word as their New Years Resolution. I really liked this idea and thought for a while what word could I make my slogan for the year? So I looked at my weaknesses...eee gads that was not fun. So I looked at my strengths...Aaahh much better...self esteem in check. Okay back to those weaknesses..gently. Their was a common thread to a lot of them..which I won't discuss. But they seemed to circle around my color code. Out of Red, Blue, White, or Yellow; I am most white and the rest yellow. I am defined as A peacemaker. A peacemaker brings a great gift of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable and good listeners. Sounds nice huh, but there are a whole slew of negative traits that ring very true.
I decided that to develop positive traits that are associated with other colors would take work. But I don't think it is beyond my reach. I decided that the word for the year would be Initiative. I put it in those two colors because I am pretty sure it comes easy to both of those colors which I have very little running through my veins. Instead of shying away from things I want to jump in with both feet. Instead of waiting for my husband to do it I want to
"get ur done"!
Please don't confuse this with feminism. Shane will still be responsible for the garbage every Monday and I will still peel his oranges for him. I just want don't want to be wishing 4 months after my taillight goes out that he will notice and sweep in and fix it for me. I went to Schucks myself (shameless plug for those nice, helpful men), came home, read my manual, and installed the little bugger myself. I felt so proud for fixing something that had driven me nuts for so long. Goodbye annoying red light that glared at me every time I turned my car on.
Instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen I am going to visualize that green light and put the pedal to the metal....not quite to the point of buying my own living room furniture but give me a few months.

Here are a few things I have put off that I may decide to tackle:

  1. Construct mesh ladder for my tomatoes on my garden box
  2. Tear down UGLY fence in my back yard that my FIL put up before we left for Florida.
  3. Hmm I broke into a cold sweat thinking about doing 1 & 2...I better baby step my way into those first.

I don't know what kind of effect this will have on me if any. But worse case scenario is my tomatoes will be fabulous and I can guilt Shane into doing even more things like finishing trim work on bedrooms that have gone untouched in 4 years on January 25th.

**vague reference to an obscure 80's commercial.... scroll ahead to 7:55 if you are curious. Yes I remember this; I know I am random; I can't believe youtube had it either.

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Kay said...

Maybe I should help you become more blue and red, and you should help me become more yellow. But I think, my blue/red sides would just take over your yellow side, because you wouldn't want to make waves, and then where would we be. LOL!