Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Schmidt

What a room can look like after one week with cousin and a very inattentive mother!
What a most excellent team looks like while participating in the Amazing Race! Did I mention winning team?
What a daughter looks like on Nerd Day at school. I doesn't fall far from the tree.
What a toilet can look like after a two year old has watched too much Finding Nemo.
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Kay said...

Hummm...we are watching Goofy tomorrow, wonder who's gonna want to swing from the lights.

Trina said...

Awesome and funny, funny pics! So nice to know my kids aren't the only ones that can do that to their bedrooms.

Jill said...

Love the pictures! They are worth thousands of words.

Papa John said...

I like the title for this collection. That bedroom scene looks like random Schmidt all over the place.
Papa John