Monday, February 22, 2010

Operation Organization

Remember this..uugh. I hate even posting it again. When Breanna begged for her own room I hesitated because it would put my two of my messiest together. Hence this...
And this... In January I decided to put my hard earned delivery $$ to good use and purchased a few things to help my girls out... No, not a maid...I don't make that much in deliveries.
A few shelves and cubbies for them to keep their treasures.
And hooks to hold their possessions. $$ well least until next week when it looks like a pig sty again.
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Kay said...

Ahhh...looks great! And those green walls look good too.

East Coast Jenny said...

What a dramatic before and after shot. I bet that took the better part of the day. It's much easier to keep it picked up when everything has a home. Money well spent.