Monday, October 12, 2009

More from Hawaii

This is our time-share condo in Oahu (the taller one). We were on the 11th floor, overlooking the ocean. There were interesting fish for snorkeling and great waves for just watching and listening to the ocean.

We decided that the Oahu Temple would be a good place to watch General Conference. We found a room full of missionaries in the visitor's center and joined them for the broadcast.

The Polynesian Culture Center was marvelous. Costumes, characteristics and customs from five Polynesian nations were explained and displayed.

There was beautiful dancing from various Polynesian nations as well.

The ocean was 78 degrees and waves like I have never seen before.
We went snorkeling with manta rays and scuba diving in world class coves.

We posed for a picture at a luau where we honored with lies. The food was all Hawaiian, and I found nothing I didn't enjoy -- except perhaps the poi.


Jacque said...

I don't know what I enjoy more...Aunt Cindy's head band or Dad's shirt. Can't wait for the Family Home Evening at Christmas on this one!

Do you like how I just told you that you were coming instead of asking?

Storie said...

Beautiful Oahu! What is the address? My grandparents lived there for several years, and their last apartment was 2 blocks from Waikiki Beach. That strip looks familiar!! (Paokilani Way?)
Storie :--)

Jacque said...

I would love to go there someday it looks very coloful there!!!

Luv, Brea

Juliet said...

You were honored with "lies"? I could have done that to you here for free! (and enjoyed myself doing it)