Thursday, May 14, 2009

A birthday in Wonderland

I knew I wanted to do a special party for Lindsay's 8th birthday. She has never has a party and I wanted it to be great. I came up with the idea of Alice in Wonderland but I knew I would have little commercial help since it is not a popular theme like Fairies or Hannah Montana. I have always loved thsi story so I had so much fun making my decorations. Shane dislikes the story, but he was a good sport.
Here are the crazy girls that helped make her day special. She has such darling friends and I am grateful for their influence in her life!
The Friday before the party I decided to attempt to make an Alice dress. After staying up until 3 just getting fabric washed ironed, patterns cut out etc. I realized I was an idiot. I called my seamstress friend early the next morning to double check my efforts before I cut it out and bless her very generous soul she made the entire dress in a few hours...when she had her own yard work to do. I was so grateful to be able to watch and learn during the process.
Here is my fun attempt at croquet mallets made into flamingos and the ball to be a hedgehog. Hee hee.
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Kristin said...

It looks like a fun party.

Rah-amen said...

You're such a fun mom! Cute idea... wish I could have been there to be Twiddle-dum.

Jacque said...

wow, jac. that's going way beyond the call of duty. what a fun theme party. Oooooofff, with their heads!

Chris said...

er, chose the wrong identity on above post. that was not actually jacque congratulating herself on a party well planned. it was her computer illiterate big brother posting from her house while she is away.