Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oldies, but Goodies

I recently purchased a scanner that makes 35 mm slides into digital images. Since Justin, and others, have been commenting on our Yellowstone adventure of many years ago, I thought you would enjoy these.

Here is Juliet at Mammoth Hot Springs

Although Jordan didn't find his way into this picture, he was on the trip. Jessica was still a gleam in her father's eye.

This one shows little Jennifer at Witches Caldron

Here are Jordan and Jeff at one of the many steam pots

This swimming hole we found at Fire Hole. It is fed by a warm springs and doesn't freeze in the winter.

Chubby Cheeks looks a little forlorn. Maybe it's the fragrance from the sulfer pot.

Chris, always our outdoorsman, seems right at home in this magnificant setting.

"Firehair" showing off those great soccer legs.

Does anybody miss our Beauville? Does anybody miss the "Chinese fire drills" each morning to get all the bedding packed up and ready for another long drive?

This was a remarkable vacation. I only wish Jessica had been with us to enjoy it as well.


Ken and Hannah said...

That's totally how I remember you all! : )

Jacque said...

Loved the pics Dad...keep them coming! I can't believe I was allowed to wear that tank top. Maybe I should loosen my restrictions a bit. Chris looked great soaking in the scenery. Bubba reminds me of some of my kids...not sure why...maybe the age. Jen all I can say is you had some sweet 'do's to match your sweet spectacles. I totally remember when that picure was taken of Juliet. That place is very vivid in my memory. I think it was a fav for me. Loved the Beauville and green tent trailer. Man we had a great childhood!!

East Coast Jenny said...

I love all the "vintage" pictures of the Bringhurst childhood. It looks like a lot of fun, and I love showing the kids their daddy when he was a little guy...not to mention the funny hair on all their aunties. I agree with Jacque...keep them coming!

Kay said...

I didn't realize Jenny looks so much like Jeannie, Spencer looks like Jacque, and Breanna looks a bit like Juliette. Thanks for giving us all a little peek into the Vintage Bringhurst Clan!!

Jus said...

Chubby cheeks has a pretty mature pose going on. He can't be more than three.

Rah-amen said...

Those were fun pics, Dad! Pretty good quality too. Now that I'm more than a gleam we should do it again, with the the WHOLE Bringhurst clan.

PS- Some of those outfits were a little sketchy, girls... I'd like you to keep that in mind before you bring up my Disneyland outfits again. ;o) I didn't fall too far from the tree...