Monday, April 27, 2009

I have had singing

This weekend I had the privilege to sing Carmina Burana under the direction of Art Shaw who has been the conductor of the Rogue Valley Symphony for the past 22 years. Words cannot express the emotion that was had to be there! As we sang the final page I could scarcely sing the text as I thought of how I would feel to be him or his beloved orchestra. They played their hearts out Saturday and Sunday and we tried to equal their precision. I also thought of this man below that I love and admire. Lynn Sjolund.
I could go on and on as to the ways he has impacted my life ...but I choose to keep those close to me. As I see the RV Symphony being forced to move on I know that day, will one day come for me. Until it does, I will cherish each Monday night and each concert, that I have the privilege to sing under his direction. Best wishes to Maestro Shaw...his leaving will be a loss to this community.
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Jus said...

So is the RV Choir to live on? Is the new guy replacing the old guy? - you said both were orchestra conductors. If the Orchestra leaves who accopany you in the future?